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  1. Complete list of all TSB's issued for the Commander
  2. Water Leak / Just do it your self
  3. So I went to the dealership...
  4. Broke my Transfer Case
  5. Headlight access door
  6. Headlight Adjustments????
  7. Cracked Leather seat !
  8. TPMS?
  9. backup assist-assist
  10. Shaking/ noise in blower for climate control
  11. Jeep Commander Transmission problem p0734 / now going to drive jetta to colorado.
  12. Knock Sensor Lost Communication
  13. No pep past 60 mph...
  14. Can you disable just one back up sensor ?
  15. Dash Lights
  16. Front Diff Shaking!!!!:(
  17. Does this Ball Joint look bad?
  18. ABS, ESP/BAS, Service 4WD - jeep stops on its own
  19. ESP/BAS Warning Light
  20. Cruise Control
  21. Radio Reception
  22. TPMS Light?
  23. Feels like im in "Limp" mode.....
  24. DTCs P1128 and P1129
  25. Not so smooth acceleration - HEMI
  26. starting/starter issue
  27. Courtesy Lights Stopped Working, Auto headlights Stopped Working
  28. u1411 and airbag light?
  29. P2098
  30. Front wheel squeal and slight tire hop
  31. Starting trouble
  32. Leaking water?
  33. Damaged Pipes (Cat Converters?)
  34. Two transfer case DTCs today...
  35. A/C smells like ****
  36. Oil pressure sender failure
  37. CODE RED!! Mall chic magnet is DOWN!!!!!
  38. Rust Removal
  39. Commander not starting
  40. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Motor cutting out at speed.
  41. Slightly knocking noise on bumps in the front?
  42. Rear noise?
  43. Discovered damage today - not sure what to do...
  44. Droning sound from front end
  45. Good Battery Keeps Dying
  46. Any Advice on this?
  47. three a codes. any advice?
  48. RPM not super steady?
  49. Front end popping
  50. Tire wear question
  51. c1417 - Front Differential Control Circuit Low
  52. Oil leak from behind crank pulley...
  53. The Annoying pop when you put the XK in Gear. Fixed it.
  54. Steering Wheel Dissolve
  55. Torn Reducer Coupler
  56. WK Front End Noises and Rough Idol
  57. The 30-day fix-me list
  58. weird sound in front suspension
  59. Front inner tie rod and other fun stuff
  60. Slight Chirp sound while driving
  61. Intermittent ABS/ESP/Traction Control Light
  62. High pitch squeak sound in rear.
  63. The night from hell
  64. Two codes Today
  65. Check Engine Light After Gassing Up.
  66. The check engine light came on today
  67. P0520 DTC Troubleshooting
  68. DTC's P1006 and P1016 today
  69. Rear main seal leak
  70. 08 XK Limited will not start.
  71. XK making popping/clicking/rubbing sound when braking
  72. Whining sound from transmission?
  73. Broken 3rd Row Seat Belts
  74. New front driveshaft
  75. RPMS drop when Turing wheel
  76. Delay when shifting to D
  77. RPMs drop when i come to a stop
  78. Service Park Assist
  79. Exhaust Manifold Leak
  80. Inside Door handle break
  81. What Is This Hanging Under My Jeep?
  82. Need a little help...
  83. Steering Rack Yoke Adjustment (Solve popping noise)
  84. Is Something Leaking??
  85. My Bad Luck Continues...
  86. Awful Grinding Noise.. What The Hell Its It?
  87. Stalled, anyone else have this happen?
  88. If my XK had a crotch, I'd kick it !!!!!
  89. Ok having an issuewith the XK
  90. P0300 and C121C Problem - '06 XK 3.7L
  91. No power below 2000RPM 5.7 xk
  92. Locks when it shouldn't
  93. Not a fun day
  94. Bad pulley or what?
  95. Service 4wheel drive with no code?
  96. Water Pump
  97. Weird electrical/cold start gremlins
  98. deactivate TPMS
  99. Digital Commander Service Manual
  100. Possible Looming Transmission Issues??
  101. Front diff actuator
  102. Dash warning lights
  103. Wiper squirter pump not working
  104. Some DTCs
  105. Diff Whine
  106. What lines are these?
  107. EVAP Leak Haunting....
  108. Transfer case recall fix?
  109. Had ESP activate on the highway today
  110. Squeaking rear end
  111. Transmission Over Temp
  112. 4.7 exhust manifold leaking
  113. did not shut off
  114. Head Gasket? Come take a look....
  115. "Service 4WD warning"
  116. Actuator