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  1. Extending the hand of frienship to the WK owners

    So I have been reading a few posts on this forum and others and it seems to me that the WK is considered by some to not be a real Jeep, something that was once said about the Commander but proven wrong time and time again by many owners on this and other forums as well.

    There was some discussion recently about opening our forum up to the WK owners (2005 -2010 Grand Cherokee) and I am thinking this could be a win win for both groups of owners. Since the Commander and Cherokee are both ...
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  2. Financial Peace of Mind - Part 19

    Uncle Sam’s piece of the pie

    Taxes are one of those things we all have to pay wither we like it or not, even in death we cannot avoid taxes.

    Do you itemize your deductions? Do you keep proper paperwork? Are you like me and have a shoe box in the closet for the past 7 years? Taxes are something that you have to think about when you are doing your budget and financial planning.

    This year I was helping my daughter file her taxes, her employer only took ...
  3. Ever thought of starting an internet business?

    Over the years I have had the pleasure to belong to a dozen or so forums many of them automobile forums but I also belong to a few gun forums, sports forums, recreation forums and a few techno forums as well.

    I own a forum, am a Super Moderator on a forum and participate in a couple others as time allows.

    Owning has been a fun and challenging experience and I have poured a good bit of personal funds into the site to insure it will be around for the ...
  4. Web site promotion, is it possible?

    Since the launch of; THE ULTIMATE JEEP COMMANDER FORUM, I have struggled to find ways to promote the site and keep it in the top of the search engine listings. It is a hard task to accomplish since the owners of the Jeep Commander are a small percentage of Jeep owners and even smaller percentage of automobile owners.

    I know I love my Jeep Commander and plan to keep it forever as do many others who have shared their ownership experience with me over the years. The loyal ...
  5. Financial Peace of Mind - Part 18

    Shopping online with your Debit card:
    I have said many times that you need to get rid of your credit cards; however shopping online with plastic is something that you need to be careful doing. Credit cards give you the added theft protection that may not be available with your debit card, check with your financial institution and clarify what protections you have when using your debit card online.

    You must be careful that the person you are doing business with does not have ...
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