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  1. hey got the rcv axles installed as well as the RRO upper control arms. I'm gonna get the alignment done tomorrow. It has changed my camber a little. Hopefully they can bring it into spec. I will keep ya posted. So far, I like the RRO better, just personal prefrence.
  2. No I havent ordered them yet. Im having a few other issues right now that need to be fixed first. Thats one of the reasons why I originally canceled my RRO order. I ordered them expecting them a few days later and never received them. I gave them a call and was told they were still in the process of developing them. Why is your alignemt off with the JBA UCA's? Mine alignment is dead on! I have perfect tire wear now.
  3. Hey have you purchased the rro upper control arms yet? I can't stand how my alignment is out with the jeepinbyal ones. With the mud terrain tires they are wearing pretty fast. I just ordered the rro ones. I have called them twice already and they still haven't shipped them and it's been almost 2 weeks.
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