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  1. Hey man, I still don't know for sure if I'm gonna make it to the camp. I really want to, just depends on gymnastics and dance showcases for my daughter, both in May. I talked to a parts rep from the Jeep dealer up in Harrisonburg. He is gonna sponsor Camp Commander with some promo Jeep gear. We had a nice long talk and he seem very excited to help out. I dont know what it will be or how much stuff. He mentioned calenders, ball caps, and such. I told him we would give his dealership sole credit on the forums, just mention it in the threads after the camp. I didnt want to post this yet because I dont know how much stuff we will get, Im sure it will be enough for some door prizes at the least. Since I dont know if Im coming yet, can I ship the stuff to you ? If so, just send me your address and he said it will be just a couple of weeks and I will send it out to you asap. Hopefully, I can just bring it myself. Later
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