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The Wild(Life) Side of Jeeping

Sometimes when life speaks, you should listen.

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Recenty I had an occasion at work to deal with a man and woman who were in a relationship that was falling apart. That the relationship was falling apart was how it came to my attention. It had gotten so bad, the neighbors had called (most of the neighborhood had called) and hence, my arrival.

While dealing with this matter, (names and details deleted to protect the not so innocent) I found out that all parties involved were quite religious. I observed that the crux of the issue was, "I am not going to give in to that man (woman). I am right and they can go (bleep) themselves."

In a not so normal tact for me, I found myself giving a religious speech relative to pride and being humble. The speech worked, both sides realized they needed to put pride asside and find a better solution, and the problem went away, at least for the short term until tempers can cool.

What an irony that I should be giving such a speech. And more than that, what an irony that I should be giving such a speech when my own religious life is in such neglect, and when my own pride has been blinding me to many things in my personal life. As life/karma/god would have it, I did not learn my lesson from that encounter and proceeded to put myself first and be selfish and prideful only hours later. While I look back on what I did in my personal life, I wonder why I did not take that lesson I was trying to teach to heart. Maybe that whole thing was a lesson for me and I was just placed there to realize it.

My selfishnes and pride set into motion a set of circumstances where I am still not certain if, or how, severe the consequences may be. I probably deserve it; this is not the first time I have refused to learn this particular lesson. Just like a petulant child, sometimes a spanking is needed to get my attention.

So if you find things happening in your life, keep your eyes open. Be mindful of the lessons that are there for the taking. Do as I say, not as I do, for often my example does not live up to standards I preach.
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