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The Wild(Life) Side of Jeeping

Where do you escape?

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Sometimes work can be a great escape from home. The wife is cranky, the kids are cranky, relatives health is not what we would hope that it would be, many things can make work preferable.

Sometimes home can be a great escape from work. The boss is cranky, the "customers" are cranky, the processes are so impersonal and they roll you over without caring that you exist.

So when all of these things align into the perfect storm, where do you escape? What is there out there that can take away the life shortening stress that is always chomping at your heels?

Thank god for the outdoors. And thank god for inventing Jeeps to get us there.

With all the international news this week I was pondering what it means to have the freedoms and the great countryside we live in. In so many other parts of the world it requires permission to travel. Can you imagine how your life would be different if you had to ask to go wheel? Many has been the day when the summary of my life to that point in time has been, "Screw this, I am going to the mountains!"

Can you imagine living in a country where the only escape you have is sand? Somewhere you don't have the richness of escape within your grasp to go from glacier to desert in one day?

Jeep owners in particular have a distinct advantage, owning a tool that gives them the freedom to not only take advantage of those freedoms, but do so at a moments notice, and in areas where others could only dream. Many is the time I have happily passed on by those other vehicles parked at the trailhead, or at the wide spot in the road where everyone turns around before the rough spot. I continue on knowing I have full confidence in my rig, and that the stresses of home, work, and life are soon to be marooned on the side of the road with those other vehicles. Left at the trailhead. No Jeep for them.
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