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Web site promotion, is it possible?

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Since the launch of; THE ULTIMATE JEEP COMMANDER FORUM, I have struggled to find ways to promote the site and keep it in the top of the search engine listings. It is a hard task to accomplish since the owners of the Jeep Commander are a small percentage of Jeep owners and even smaller percentage of automobile owners.

I know I love my Jeep Commander and plan to keep it forever as do many others who have shared their ownership experience with me over the years. The loyal owners know what I am talking about. was created so that we as Commander Owners would have a place where we can share our stories, encourage others in our outdoor adventures and seek out new and exciting modifications for the Commander.

To that end we have invited sponsors like Discount Tire, 4xGuard, Superchips and many others and it is my intent to continue to seek out businesses that will promote the Jeep experience and specifically the Commander.

New products have been developed such as the Secure Console and many specialty products from some of our vendors as well. is proud to sponsor West Coast Camp Commander as it goes into it's third year with the camping event in Colorado this summer (July 2011) and attendance has continually grown with owners traveling hundreds of miles to camp, off-road & fellowship with follow Commander owners in a unique way.

So as I move into 2011 I will continue to promote this site and encourage all members to invite your friends, post links in your web site signatures where allowed and include key words in your thread posts, articles and blogs to help those little search engine find their way to us.

Thank you for your continued support and may you all have a blessed 2011


  1. Sal-XK's Avatar
    I put the link everywhere I can, I'm looking into a way to add them to my youtube video's as well. one of my videos has 65,000 views another one 20,000 views and one of the commander videos is showing promise hitting 500 very quickly.
  2. LWM's Avatar
    I learned today that using it on twitter and facebook posts helps too.
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