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Ever thought of starting an internet business?

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Over the years I have had the pleasure to belong to a dozen or so forums many of them automobile forums but I also belong to a few gun forums, sports forums, recreation forums and a few techno forums as well.

I own a forum, am a Super Moderator on a forum and participate in a couple others as time allows.

Owning has been a fun and challenging experience and I have poured a good bit of personal funds into the site to insure it will be around for the long haul, and it will. Sponsorship has been fantastic for a new start-up venture and each lifetime membership pays for 4 months of site operations so I say thanks to those who have the means to become a sponsor and member of The Ultimate Jeep Commander Forum.

This Blog is however NOT about as much as it is about asking the question; what is missing out there? I have thought that there must be a forum or web site that is more general in nature and could draw and even larger crowd and thought I would ask you as members and supporters what your thoughts were.

Is there an idea bouncing around in your head that you wanted to run with but didn’t have the support or time or money but that with a small group of likeminded people you just might want to see take off?

There are no limits to this brainstorm, if you can think it there is most likely a way it could be done. I found myself bored and wanted to start something new and thought maybe you just might want in on it or you might have a great idea but just needed someone to help you get it going.

I have done the research for web site hosting and domain names, I have a webmaster on retainer to work through the technical issues and I have the time to help put something together so now is the chance to see your thoughts come alive on the web and maybe with the right idea and a little effort we can make a little money while we are at it.
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  1. Sal-XK's Avatar
    I guess if your trying to get a more general forum that would appeal to more people you would also expect that forum to splinter off into smaller sections kind of like Jeep forum which shouldn't matte its the amount of members that would drive the add money. Well, ask your self this then, What do all OHV, camping, exploring people across all manufacturers of vehicles have in common with each other? Answer that question and you have your self a good start to a new forum. I also belong to a few forums but I belong there for a reason something drew me in like I followed Don over to because that type of camping interests me. One way to make money on this site would be put the adds back on. I have a Google add sense acct it don't pay much but it adds up.
  2. jcoulter's Avatar
    I didn't know I could become a paid member. I'll fix that soon.
  3. LWM's Avatar
    I like and was thinking of something in addition to it, I really don't want to kill a good thing before it gets rolling so playing with xk-forum right now is not my intention.