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Extending the hand of frienship to the WK owners

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So I have been reading a few posts on this forum and others and it seems to me that the WK is considered by some to not be a real Jeep, something that was once said about the Commander but proven wrong time and time again by many owners on this and other forums as well.

There was some discussion recently about opening our forum up to the WK owners (2005 -2010 Grand Cherokee) and I am thinking this could be a win win for both groups of owners. Since the Commander and Cherokee are both based off the same platform we share many things in common.

I would think it would open our access to more discussions on modifications and maintainance issues if we opened our forum to the WK world.

We could rework our title page to read XK / WK "The Ultimate Jeep Forum" and expand our sub-threads to allow for this additional area of membership.

I am pretty sure I can purchase and link it to this site, the only additional expense would be the annual expense for the doman which is around $10 to $15.

As the owner of this site I know I can do as I desire, but this is really "our" forum so I ask you as members, what are your thoughts?
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  1. Matt's Avatar
    I think that is a great idea.
  2. TrialByFire's Avatar
    My first Jeep was a '99 Grand Cheokee which I loved dearly until it was rear-ended and declared totaled. After that we got a '94 Cherokee Sport which I drove for a year then gave to my son for graduation. I bought the XK last June. I have to say that the WK and XK are similar enough in comfort on- and off-road, owner demographics, and obviously mechanical construction that I think this is an excellent idea. Forge ahead!