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Getting to know one another

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I consider myself a very social person, I like hosting events and being around other like minded people. Over the years the Commander community has been good to me, I have participated in a Camp Commander, Many AZ Commander Club events and some outside the forum gatherings with members I have met in the Commander Community. I have attempted to comfort members when they have experienced the loss of a loved one, participated in the marriage ceremony of a fellow Commander owner, taken a Commander owner to the hospital during a trail ride, and celebrated birthdays and the beginning of new family's.

All this is to say that there is life outside the confinement of the on-line forum, I encourage each of you to loin the regional groups set up for Commander owners who live in the same geographical area as you. Set up a meet & greet or a trail ride and get to know each other outside the forum, you just might be surprised of the new friendships you can build. This weekend there is a BBQ at my house, nothing fancy but an opportunity for members to meet together and share stories and information about the Commanders, their families and of course eat lots of food.

Keep an eye open for an event on the Calendar and try to attend, if you are planning an event them make sure you list it on the calendar as well. So get up, get out & meet someone new!