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    Well for many of our members the last week has been agonizing. The last post before the forum went down was on 7/29 @ 11:35am ...
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    For months now we as members have been talking about adding the WK format to our forum and asking what changes would need to be made to welcome another whole group to our small but growing forum. Through this discussion it became obvious that one thing that would need to be addressed is the forum name itself, XK-Forum is great for the XK owners but not so inviting to other platforms.

    I have purchased the domain www.theultimatejeep.com and begun the transition to move everything over to this new address which I feel will be best for both the XK.XH and the WK platforms.

    You will notice that the Grand Cherokee has been added to most forums where we at one time showed only the Commander, this too is to give more places for a new members to feel welcome. It is by the inclusion of these additional members that we can continue to grow this forum and ultimately become the leading Commander and Grand Cherokee community website.

    More improvements are in the works and I encourage you as members to keep suggesting those ideas which will make this the one true place to belong.
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    Over the past few weeks some changes have been made to XK-Forum.com, these changes were made due to suggestions from members and should help improve the information available on the forum. More changes will be obvious in the next few weeks as the IT staff implement the requested changes.

    The header will be changing to show a more modified Commander and adding a modified Grand Cherokee. The phrase "The Ultimate Commander" will be replaced with "The Ultimate Jeep"

    We have purchased the domain name www.theultimatejeep.com and will be linking that address to this forum so that members who do not own an XK will have a alternative domain to promote that should help bring in the WK owners as well as the XH owners.

    We will be producing widow decals with the new site name in addition to the xk-forum.com decals that will remain in our inventory (new paid members will be able to choose which decal they would like sent to them).

    New Grand Cherokee threads have been addeded and additional ones will be included as members request specific threads related to the WK format.

    Since the XK/XH & WK share so many things in common, it is our desire that this forum continue to develop and ultimately become the premire site for modified Commanders & Grand Cherokees.
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    Jeep Commander Forum: XK-Forum.com also known as the Ultimate Jeep Commander Forum is a forum for Jeep Commander owners and those interested in the Jeep Commander to come together and discuss issues like maintance, trail rides, modifications and many other topics that are centered around the Jeep Commander.

    We have several sponsors who create product sspecfically for the Jeep Commander and others in the automotive industry who provide a wealth of information and support for Jeep Commander owners.
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    The tradition of West Coast Camp Commander continues for its third year, once again the event will be held in the beautiful state of Colorado but this years event will be run out of a base-camp in Buena Vista. WC Camp Commander 2011 will take place from July 25th through the 28 and the trails planned will be as spectacular as previous events.

    This years base camp will be set up at the Buena Vista KOA and participants are encouraged to make reservation as soon as possible to guarantee a spot and get close to the other members if that is desired.

    According to the Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4Wheel Drive Trails, the Buena Vista area is one of the most popular four wheeling areas in Colorado because it offers a wide variety of beautiful trails. Some the the closest trails to Buena Vista include Fourmile Area, Chinaman Gulch, Mt. Princeton, Mt. Antero, Browns Lake, Baldwin Lakes, Boulder Mtn, Grizzly Lake, Hancock Pass and many more. It is also not to far from Mosquito Pass a popular attraction to local offroaders.

    XK-Forum.com is proud to be a sponsor of this event and encourages all members to put these dates on your calendar.
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    Congratulations to 07JeepXK on his recent promotion to Staff Sergeant. Thank you for your service and dedication not only ...
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