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Thread: Knappster's Garage

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    Knappster's Garage

    Here is my 2006 Jeep Commander when it was new (January 2007)

    The only mod I have in this picture is the wind screen (bug deflector).

    This is a 2006 Jeep Commander Limited with the Customer Preferred Package 25H:

    Exterior Color: Dark Khaki Pearl Coat
    Interior Color: Dark Slate Grey/Light Slate Grey
    Interior: Leather
    Engine: 5.7 Liter HEMI (R) Multi-Displacement
    Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic
    Drive Train: Quadra-Drive II (R) 4WD System
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    Over the years I have held true to the meaning of the word Jeep:

    Just Empty Every Pocket

    Commander: $43,495 (sticker Price)
    Jeep Commander License Plate Frame: $12.50 (Removed when rear bumper replaced)
    Jeep Commander Chrome Bug Shield: $90.00 (Removed 03/25/12)
    Stubby 6" Billet Antenna: $12.00
    REC/NAV Screen Protector: $15.94
    Jet Stage 2 Performance Chip: 194.95 (Removed when SuperChips FlashPaq Installed)
    Jeep Commander Chrome Door Handles: $69.85
    Jeep Commander Chrome Fuel Door: $81.80
    Jeep Commander Front Tow Hooks: $105.00 (Removed when Get Lost 4x4 Bumper Installed)
    Jeep Commander Skid Plates (x3): $ 234.86 (Removed when ASFIR Skid Plates Installed 02/12)
    4xGuard Belly Skid Plate: $200.00 (Removed when ASFIR Skid Plates Installed 02/12)
    4xGuard Front Skid Plate: $250.00 (Never Installed)
    Jeep Commander Remote Start Kit: $279.22
    Spidertrax 1.5" Wheel Spacers: $223.97
    Jeep Commander DVD Player (VES): $218.75 (Never Installed / Sold)
    Gibson 3" Exhaust for 5.7 HEMI: $407.66
    Jeep Commander VES Player & Monitor: $425.25
    Jeep Commander Window Vent Shades: $50.00
    Yakima Mega Warrior Rack: (Removed when Rhino Rack Installed)
    Yakima Mega Warrior Extension: $109.90 (Removed when Rhino Rack Installed)
    Yakima Light Mounting Kit: $74.80 (Removed when Rhino Rack Installed)
    Yakima Spare Tire Carrier: $79.79 (Never Installed / Sold)
    Get Lost 4x4 Custom Front Bumper: $750.00 (Removed 03/25/12 to install Steel Armadillo Front Bumper)
    Warn PowerPlant Winch: $1,400.00
    KC Lights (x6): $300.00
    Jeep Commander Thresh-hold plates: $125.00
    Billet Grille: $75.99
    Rocky Road 2.25" Lift: $296.00
    Rocky Road Super Sliders: $399.99 (Removed to Install Steel Armadillo Super Sliders)
    AEV Brute Force Cold Air Intake: $269.99 (Removed to install AirFlow Snorkel)
    Gibson Air Flow Snorkel: $550.00
    Super Chips Flashpaq Programmer: $339.99 (Removed to Install SuperChips VIVID)
    Cobra CB Radio & Antenna: $125.00
    High Lift Jack & Mount: $ 125.00 (Removed When I sold the Mega Warrior)
    10 Wangler Rubicon BFG T/A Wheel & Tire Take Offs (275/55/17): $550.00
    REC Lock Pick: $125.00 (Never Installed)
    Tekonsha P3 Trailer Brake Controller: $112.50
    Steel Armadillo Secure Console: $175.00
    Steel Armadillo Custom Rear Bumper w/tire carrier & gas can: $1,200.00
    Rhino Rack Pioneer Tray: $549.00
    Rhino Rack Fox Wing Awning: $649.00
    Custom Light Bar on roof rack: $80.00
    Airaid CAI: $321.99
    Steel Armadillo Super Sliders: $560.00
    Steel Armadillo Tube Fenders: $250.00
    Superchips VIVID: $599.99
    Steel Armadillo Front Bumper: $1,000.00

    Running Total: $57,453.69
    $3,361.77 Removed
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    Chrome Door Handles were among the first mods:



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    I think the next modification was the 2.25" Rocky Road Lift:

    The original lifts came with the poly spacers but do to a high number of failures they have been replaced with metal spacers.

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    I drove out to Orange County, California and picked up two additional cross bars for my roof and installed the Yakima Mega Warrior Rack with extension:

    This was WITHOUT the extension:

    And with it:

    In These pictures you can see the Window Visors have been installed as well.

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    A Billet Grille was not too much later:



    You can also see the Chrome Front Tow Hooks & 6" Billet Radio Antenna have been installed in this picture.

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    I found a great deal of 5 wheels & tires removed from a Jeep Wrangler:

    And using Spidertrax 1.5" spacers I installed them on the Commander:

    You can also the the Rocky Road Supper Sliders & Chrome fuel door have now been installed.

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    I installed the three skids plates which are part of the off-road package:

    and then installed the 4xGuard belly skid plate:

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    Somewhere in there I added four lights to the rack up top:

    And a visor in front of the Sunroof.

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    I added the billet thresh-hold tags:

    The headliner is hanging and the wires you see are when I installed the OEM VES system (purchased the player & monitor on eBay and then the harness and bracket at the dealer)

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