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Thread: Steering Rack Yoke Adjustment (Solve popping noise)

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    Did adjust then found this to be Problem

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    This may be the solution I've been looking for. When mine pops it causes the left wheel to come out of alignment and resets when I hit the brakes. It usually only happens when i'm turning left excessively... can't wait to try it.

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    When wheels were turned hard left or right, wheel stop had worn a groove, which matched up only under certain load conditions. When it does not match up any motion or tap of brakes causes it to suddenly drop in place resulting in a sound like a sledge hammer had hit frame. (I did notice in previous posters' picture in background this same wear. Surface grinder to resurface contact area fixed problem. But this is casted metal contacting cast aluminun so it is not the final solution.

    I am certain this is a common problem on all Jeeps with this design. see attached pic.
    This is my 2010 Jeep Cherokee Problem started at about 36,000 miles


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    Great description of how to adjust. Many thanks. By the way, I read here of some people encountering leakage of power-steering fluid. I have also experienced this and it can appear quite suddenly and leak quite a lot. Not to worry. Before doing anything dramatic (read - expensive and/or difficult) please do try Lucas Stop Leaks. It is an amazingly effective product. I have used it on my three last Jeeps and it solved the leaking problems IMMMEDIATELY!!!!.

    Remember not to overfill your steering fluid. If you do, when the fluid heats up and expands, you cause pressure within the system and this can result in the leaks which some experience.
    Allow room below the MAX mark, to allow for expansion.

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