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Thread: The NEW... 'Cherokee'?!?!?

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    I assume if one were to purchase this, they would just mail you your nuts in a white plastic "Thank You" bag after a few payments.
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    That's funny about the thank you bag.

    Jeep's new look is just another reason to keep my XK for a few more years. The newest Grand Cherokee is just another blend-in SUV like all the rest. What's "Jeep" about it anymore? Oh yeah, the grill is kind of a Jeep grill. Whoopee. And what's with all new SUV's and that silly overhang above the back glass? They all have it, and it looks stupid IMHO.

    What's strange is I've received three calls so far about how much the Commander is in high demand, and how great of a price I can get for mine on a trade-in, and I should "come on in and talk numbers." What would I trade mine in on?!? All the new Jeeps look like "pink pantie" mobiles, no wonder the Commander is in demand, it's a GOOD LOOKING JEEP for crying out loud. Trade mine in my a$$.

    On edit, okay not all Jeeps, just the SUV & crossover versions. Compass, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, etc.
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    Speak for urself on the WKII's. those things look good! The only other company with a pretty decent product is Ford with the new Explorer. Jeep Is still the standard, which everyone else attempts to conform to. The revolutionized the SUV segment, and are trying to do slowly ease us in to something new.

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