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Thread: Knappster's Gun Locker

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    If you file for NFA items via eform, looks like the wait is currently about 4-5 months versus almost about 9 months for paper. Now if only the stupid eform website would stop crashing so the store can submit my two form 4's and I can check the status on my form 1's.

    What??? A government website that doesn't work?!? I'm shocked.

    I forget which suppressor that is, I almost bought it but went with a Saker 556 instead.
    I submitted my application 10 months ago.

    The suppressor shown is a HALO

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    My eform-submitted form 1's came back last week. 4 month turnaround!!! Did you get your papers back yet?

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    Submitted March 28, 2013 - Received March 10, 2014

    Now I want to get a supressor stamp.

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