No news story - I saw it first hand.

Man calls 911 from a motel room stating that the woman he is there with has stolen his money and will not return it. Officers arrive to find that the man is with a known prostitute, who he paid in advance, and she was then unwilling to complete the act.

The officers asked the man what he wanted them to do for him. His reply, either make her give me what I paid for or give my money back. He left with neither.


60 year old man meets with a 40 year old man behind a local pornography movie theater for a sexual escapade. They climb into the 40 year olds van and start the act. Knowing there is a lot of drug activity/prostitution in the area, officer drives through the parking lot and sees a head bobbing up and down in the van. Officer investigates and finds a sex act in progress.

As the two men are being pulled out of the van, the 40 year starts to talk about how embarrassing the situtation is. His list starts with no one knows he is bisexual, it was embarrasing to be caught in the act with an elderly gentleman as the other half, and that he is catholic going man. It is then that the 40 year old sees the other person with the officer. This person is in plain clothes. The 40 year old asks who this person is. The officer replies, "That is my community chaplain ride-along, a catholic minister." The 40 year old is arrested for indicent exposure and is able to confess his sins all at the same time.