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Thread: Chrysler recalls Jeep SUVs for ignition switches

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    My Jeep has needed a new ignition switch since about a year after I got the truck. It was still under warranty initially but I couldn't get the dealer to do anything about it because it wouldn't fail in their custody. I'm just waiting for my notice to come in the mail!

    It only happens a couple times a year - I'll be cruising along when suddenly it feels like I hit a wall. Nope, that's just the engine shutting down. Usually it starts right back up by itself; but a few times I have had to throw it into neutral (at speed!) and cycle the key. After the first couple times, I have made sure to keep my knees clear, so I know that's not the problem.

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    Yes Brandon, it happen the same to me. I also thought it was my knee. Just waiting to see who else.gets there Notice.
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    I got one the other day but it had to do with needing to replace the FOBIK (again). Something about it not springing back to position after starting the vehicle and it can shut off while driving. Of course they don't have the parts in and don't know when they'll be in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 07JeepXK View Post
    I'm pretty sure I did but threw it away.

    I'm thinking I better dig mine OUT. At 95k miles now, I put it in park, apply emergency brake, turn the ignition off, pull the key out, BUT... if I keep my foot on the brake, the engine KEEPS running, until I take my foot OFF the brake!!!
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