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Thread: Duratrac Vs MT/R w/kevlar Vs Discoverer STT

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    Duratrac Vs MT/R w/kevlar Vs Discoverer STT

    So I am getting new (265/70/17) tires soon. I have been looking at these three tires. My xk is my DD. I really like the Cooper Discoverer STT's and I have read good reviews about them, but I don't know if the E load (there is no option for C load) is what I need. The mileage seems to be good on them and noise isn't too much of a concert but I feel that these E-loads are going to be very loud. I will also be doing some moderate wheeling so I'm not sure if E-range is what I need, and I don't tow anything too heavy either, and I don't want to lose tons of Gas milage, but the STT's sure look good. I was hoping someone on here could give me their input about the STT's. I am in TN, so there will be some rocks where I will be trail riding, and a busted sidewall is the last thing I want... I know the duratracs have gotten some really good reviews and the MT/R seems to be pretty good, so really all i need to do now is decide.. What do y'all think?

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    Just in case you didn't see it you can see if any of those tires are in the Tire Review Thread.

    All I off road in is rocks my self. Properly aired down tires are you best protection against side wall puncture. Any MT is going to be kinda loud and hurt your MPG. I run AT's now for that very reason. I ran a MT and loved it off road on the rocks and the sand but hated it on the road. The noise and ride just wore on me I guess. I switched to a nice AT and loved the on road noise level and performance. It also performed about the same as my MT's on the rocks as well. Just something to think about.

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    E vs C load range won't really affect noise at all and the gas mileage between the two will be minimal (given the same tread type)

    99.99 percent sure my next set of tires is going to be a set of Cooper ST Maxx... might want to check them out.

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    what about tread-life for all 3?

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    I am two weeks with the Cooper AT3 and about 600 miles on them, and these are awesome daily drivers. I am going off road this weekend and will let you know how they do on the trails. I am not usually kind to the Commander when I off road. I try the routes that most don't think I will get through, and surprise them all. I hope they spit out the mud and sand good.

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    So basically it all comes down to load e vs load c... which one seems more necessary?

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    My biased opinion is for the MTR, in my opinion the best MT tire you can buy in the market. Having now had the BFG ATs, MTs, MTrs and Dick Cepek ATs currently the MTR is the quietest out of them all. Can handle anything you throw at it and once Adam chimes in you'll see how many miles you can get out them. He drives a ton and believe he gets over 30k on a set which is good for a street driven Jeep on MTs
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    Bumping this back up. I've noticed that in a 265/70 vs 255/75 the 265's for some of the same tires are an e load, but for 255/75 they are a c load... Is there a noticeable difference between 265/70 and 255/75? I know 75 will be taller and more narrow than the other.. but it doesn't seem like they are different at all.

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    I personally like the Duratracs. They are really good off the road and relatively smooth on pavement.

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    Lots of us here are impressed with Discoverer and Nitto Grappler tires. I got Discoverer on the Wrangler with 12k miles and still looks new. My brother got his third set of Terra Grappler along with new rack and hard tonneau cover for kayak mount. Both tires seem to wear like iron.

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