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Thread: 2008 Commander, 3.7, Muffler

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    2008 Commander, 3.7, Muffler

    New here, so I hope I'm posting in the correct area.

    Needing to replace the muffler on my daughter's 08 Commander with a 3.7 engine. OEM shelf stock muffler does not match what is on the vehicle. OEM is 27" overall body length with center outlet and offset inlet with clamp attachments. The muffler on the vehicle is 30" overall body length with offset inlet flanged, centered outlet welded. Vehicle was purchased used so I have no idea if this was an aftermarket replacement or if it's one of those (1/2 year) experiments. I do see possibly questionable replacements on ebay but nothing available in store. Does anyone have ideas of what I'm dealing with and why this muffler isn't a stock replacement part? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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    No idea about your current muffler but I recommend Magnaflow if you want to replace it. Bought a Magnaflow from 4wheelonline and I really like the deep tone of it. If you want a louder exhaust, Flowmaster is for you.

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