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Thread: I have an alternator question

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    I have an alternator question

    Hey everyone I have a 1994 ZJ Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2L and I need a new one but would like to put one in that has 136 amps. the one Iím looking at is for a 1995 and later model and it looks exactly like mine and has the 7 grooves I need so is there anything I should be worried about before I put it in? My old one is a standard 90 amp pos. Thanks in advance!

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    There was a factory option 125 amp alternator for early 318 Magnums. I put one in my '92 Ramcharger (since I'd put a big stereo and bigger CB in it), which was the first year for the Magnum, so I suspect the same will work with your '94 (both are OBD-1). Mine also had an original factory 90 amp alternator. I did hafta swap the pulleys, but otherwise, it was a perfect fit. Advance Auto can get them - you might even luck into a local one that has one in stock. I am not familiar with a 136 amp MOPAR alternator.
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