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The Wild(Life) Side of Jeeping

The Wild(life) Side of Jeeping

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Well after returning from West Coast Camp Commander I have been inspired to start my first ever blog. I want to share my love of wildlife and make it easier for others to share it with me.

I love the outdoors and have found every reason I could afford (hobbies are expensive!!!) to be outside. For a short list, I have done SCUBA, skiing, hiking, 4X4, and currently live on and own 22 acres in the gorgeous Northern California Gold Country.

My main love of the outdoors is hunting and fishing. For most of my life 4X4 has been a means to this end, and not a goal unto itself. That is changing with the addition of my first Jeep, the XK. I have been hunting in CA for about 20 years. I have hunted and do hunt deer, turkeys, quail, pheasants, grouse, antelope, pigs, bear, coyotes, and squirrels. I have also hunted rocky mountain elk and mule deer in southwestern Colorado for several years.

I hunt not only with a firearm, but often with a camera, or even just binoculars as I enjoy seeing wildlife and observing them going about their daily lives. There is just something tranquil and settling about watching a hawk soar high above the world's cares, or a golf ball sized poof-ball (baby quail) trying to run as fast as it can on 1 inch tall legs. Even animals as common as chipmunks, or insects as common as bees can be a source of great enjoyment. Different times of the year offer different suprises in the wilds; different areas and landscapes offer different varieties of wildlife to marvel over.

I had the advantage of being brought up in an outdoor family. This trained my eye over many years to find those hiddens gems in the neverending forests and wildlands of our great nation. I am constantly suprised at the amount of unnoticed beauty that is right under our noses, if only people would take the time to see it.

In this and future blogs, I hope to share my love of wildlife with the members of the best XK forum on the net. I hope to inspire some of you to go out and find new reasons to drive your XKs. I hope some of you who already drive the heck out of our XKs will find your 4X4 experience enhanced by some tips, tricks, or information that I am able to share which helps you find some of that endless beauty our country is so rich with.

Some of the best things in life are not not found on a map; they can only be found while Wandering.
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    Great first Blog... Thanks for stating it and I look forward to reading many more outdoor adventures.